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The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the
silence over that by the good people
-Martin Luther King Jr.






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Articles to Stay Informed (January 2009):

Local Film looks at Faulty Child Molest Cases, February 26, 2009:

Sex Offender Residency Laws are Ineffective, February 25, 2009:

Update on East Rochester (NY) Sex Offender Law, February 25, 2009:

Bill Puts Sting in Sexual Predator Pursuit (AL), February 25, 2009:

Sex Offender Lives Here: The Perils of Wearing the 'Scarlet Letter' in an Instant-Access, Socially Networked
World, February 25, 2009:

Internet Child-Protection Bill Raises Too Many Questions, February 24, 2009:

Man (24 yrs. old) Sentenced for ‘Sexting’ with girl (16yrs. old), February 24, 2009:
“When you engage in this sort of behavior, it's illegal and you're going to go to jail," Rusty McGuire said, “adding that many teens disseminate such pictures without considering that they could wind up on the Internet”.

Band Singer (Virginia) Arrested for "Sexting", February 23, 2009:
Rusty McGuire, Chief Deputy Commonwealth's Attorney for Louisa said "We are pleased that justice was served today. We are proud of the work of the Louisa County Sheriff's Office.”       

Full Appeals Court asked for Sex Offender law Rehearing (Virginia) February 23, 2009:

My Turn: Term 'Sex Offender' Misused, February 23, 2009:

Bill (VT) on Consensual Teen Sex Draws Fire, February 21, 2009:

Sex Offender Residency Case Tossed, February 20, 2009:
Albany City (NY) Court judge acts to dismiss charge by ruling state authority overrides county law

Bill Targeting Online Predators Calls for Texas Sex Offenders to Report E-mail Addresses, February 20, 2009:

Utah's Lewdness Laws about to Change, February 19, 2009:
Flipping the “Bird” or giving someone the “Finger” will make you a Registered Sex Offender

After Prison, Few Places for Sex Offenders to Live, February 19, 2009:

Manitowoc (WI) Sex-Offender Ordinance Halted, February 18, 2009:

Push for More Sex Offender Information (Virginia), February 17, 2009:

Sex Offenders’ Treatment Questioned (Virginia), February 17, 2009:

            Editorial: Prison System Must Begin Rehabilitation, February 28, 2009:

Sex Offender Bill Killed (NV); “Unconstitutional” February 17, 2009:

Editorial: Rights of Sex Offenders Must be Observed, February 17, 2009:

Lawmakers (IL) Seeking even More Restrictions on Sex Offenders, February 17, 2009:

Police to Investigate Swedish Sex Offender Website, February 17, 2009:
Site lists the Private Information of Convicted Sex Offenders

America's Shame: Can Jim Webb (Virginia) Fix the Prison Gulag? February 16, 2009:'s_shame:_can_jim_webb_fix_the_prison_gulag/

Sacramento (CA) Judge finds Sex Offender Law Unconstitutional, February 15, 2009:

Sex Offender has 30 Days to Move, February 15, 2009:

Teens, Nude Photos and the Law, February 14, 2009:

State (WI) Fights Sex Offender Registry Mandate, February 14, 2009:

Stupid Kid Tricks now Increasingly Called Sex Crimes, February 13, 2009:

Sex Offender Registry Bill clears House (Virginia), February 13, 2009:

Sex Offender Challenges State (Ohio) Database, February 12, 2009:

Has Megan’s Law Really Worked? Recent Report Suggests No; February 12, 2009:

MSNBC Join’s Sean Penn’s Witch Hunt, February 11, 2009:

Six Boys (aged 12 to 14) in Massachusetts May Face 'Sexting' Charges;
Could Be Required To Register As Sex Offenders, February 11, 2009:

Sex Offenders - Virginia's New Lepers? February 10, 2009:

Sex Offender Registry under Scrutiny by Maine Supreme Court, February 10, 2009:

Maine Supreme Court takes up Sex Offender Registry, February 10, 2009:

Web “Predator Panic” a Risky Distraction February 10, 2009:

Charlotte-Mecklenburg School Tightens Rules for Sex Offenders (includes students) February 10, 2009:

Sex Offender: Registry Laws Ineffective, February 9, 2009:

Registries Revisited, February 9, 2009:

Congress Should Repeal the Adam Walsh Act, February 9, 2009:

Effort to Track Sex Offenders Draws Resistance, February 8, 2009:

Alabama Legislators Discussing Castration and other Novel Punishments for Sex Offenders, February 8, 2009:

SJC: Boy Accused of Statutory Rape may be Victim of Sex Discrimination,
February 6, 2009:

HR Staff Face Penalties under New Computer Porn Laws (UK), February 6, 2009:

Zero Tolerance for Sex Offenders (US Military Housing), February 6, 2009:

Sex Offenders Subject to Double Standard of Forgiveness, February 5, 2009:

Cost Cuts Could Send Sex Offenders Underground, February 5, 2009:

Will Girl's Rape-Claim Reversal Clear Teen? (Virginia), February 5, 2009:




Teen Released Early by State (Virginia), March 4, 2009:


Recant Case Ruling Delayed (Virginia), February 20, 2009:
Judge will decide soon regarding prosecutor's motion to release information about   juvenile rape case.

  UPDATE: Hearing on Whether to Unseal Rape Files Continued (Virginia), February 12, 2009:
  Finding Justice (Virginia), February 8, 2009:

Officials Charge Teens with Porn for 'Sexting', February 5, 2009:

Sex Offenders Living Near Schools Go Unnoticed (Ohio), February 5, 2009:

Is Sending Racy 'Sexts' Flirting, or is it Porn? February 5, 2009:

Court: Statutory Rape Not Violent Felony (Virginia), February 4, 2009:

NJ's High Court will hear Sex Offender Law, February 4, 2009:

City Considers Restricting Where Sex Offenders Can Live.
Booted from his home in Weymouth because of the Town’s New Law Restricting Where Sex Offenders Can Live, February 4, 2009:

Sex Registry Stigma too Much for Young, February 4, 2009:

Put Resources into Treatment, February 4, 2009:

Notification has Harmful Effects, February 4, 2009:

Perpetuating the Myth of Sexual Predators and Social Networking, February 4, 2009:

Attorney General McDonnell Resigning to Run for Governor (Virginia), February 3, 2009:

Lee County (Florida) may Keep Sexual Predators Away from Beaches, other Child-Friendly Places (Zoos and Traveling Carnivals too), February 2, 2009:

Feds say Sex Offender Registries are Unreliable, Inaccurate; February 2, 2009:

How Far Can - or Should - Communities go to Restrict Sex Offenders? February 2, 2009:

More Sex Offenders Compliant, February 2, 2009:

Kansas (drivers) license Rule for Parolees (Sex Offenders) may Hurt Society More than it Helps, February 1, 2009:

RSOL of Virginia strives to provide accurate and current information to the citizens of Virginia.
We do not claim to be a legal resource. Always consult with an Attorney and the Virginia State Police (804) 674-2825 where needed.
We at RSOL of Virginia do not in any way condone the sexual abuse of anyone in anyway, shape, or form.
We support appropriate punishment and treatment for offenders based on their individual case.       
We support the reform of many of the statutes that currently require registration, that an accusation alone is sufficient to convict, prosecution for “Sexting” between teens and young adults, prison time and the requirement to register for consensual acts between teens and young adults, the retroactive approach to applying new laws, the increases in offender classifications by Legislators, the harsher compliancy penalties than the original conviction, the total computer and internet banishment for those whose crimes were not computer related and all residency restrictions.
We support reform of the sex offender registries so that the public can be aware of the presence of truly dangerous, untreatable and repeat offenders while allowing the majority of offenders to re-enter society and become productive citizens that can secure housing, employment, participate in their families lives and live without fear of community threats or retaliation.